Cemeteries In Lake Township​

Amish Conservative - Maple Grove Cemetery
On Smith-Kramer Rd 400 ft west of SR 43, 2 miles south of Hartville.

Beechy Cemetery
On the east side of Market Street, 1 mile south of SR 619, west of Hartville.

Brumbaugh Cemetery
In Quail Hollow State Park near first parking area.  Park entrance is 1 mile north of Hartville on 
Congress Lake Avenue.

East Nimishillen Church Cemetery
East Nimishillen Church Road, 3/4 mile east of Route 43 (Kent Road) 2.5 miles south
of Hartville.

Greenlawn - Uniontown Reformed Cemetery
In Uniontown, 1/4 mile west of Cleveland Avenue & north of SR 619 on Church Avenue.

Greentown Cemetery
On the east edge of Greentown on Bellhaven Avenue.

Hartville Lutheran - Hartville Township Cemetery
East side of Hartville on south side of SR 619.  South of the intersection of High St. and East Maple.

Hartville Mt. Peace Cemetery
In Hartville on SR 43 north of SR 619.

Hartville Reformed - Hartville Union
On east side of Hartville, north side of SR 619 at intersection of High St. and East Maple.

King Church Mennonite Cemetery
On King Church Avenue 1/4 mile south of SR 619.

Lutheran Evangelical Cemetery
Located in Uniontown at the corner of Northdale and Bruner Aves. The cemetery was paved over and is marked with a DAR memorial. Located 1/4 mile west of Cleveland Avenue & north of SR 619.


List of graves at: https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2308582/memorial-search?firstname=&middlename=&lastname=&cemeteryName=Old+Lutheran+Cemetery&birthyear=&birthyearfilter=&deathyear=&deathyearfilter=&memorialid=&mcid=&linkedToName=&datefilter=&orderby=r&plot=&page=1#sr-76852028

Machamer Cemetery
This cemetery is listed on Stark County property records under the name of  Samuel Machamer, Oasis Ave NE, Parcel: 1902864. Map coordinates: 40.94618622079436, -81.34736537287647.
1/4 mile north of Smith-Kramer Road; 1/2 mile west of SR 43 and 2 miles south of Hartville.

Identified graves found at: https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/41914/memorial-search?firstName=&lastName=Machamer&includeMaidenName=true

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
In Mt. Pleasant on South side of Mt. Pleasant Road, 1000 feet east of Cleveland Avenue.

Oak Grove Cemetery
(Same as Walnut Grove)
On Market Street, 1-1/4 miles south of SR 619, west of Hartville.

St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
South side of State Street, 1/4 mile west of SR 43, 1 mile north of Cairo.

Walnut Grove Cemetery
(Same as Oak Grove)
On Market Street, 1-1/4 miles south of SR 619, west of Hartville.

Woods Cemetery - formerly known as the Old Quaker Cemetery
On south side of SR 619, 1/4 mile east of Cleveland Avenue.