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Lake Township Historical Society

We have very little information in regards to genealogy.  However, the following links may be helpful for those researching their family history.

We can also try to answer some frequently asked questions such as the following:

Q.  Were the graves at the old Lutheran Church in Uniontown relocated to either Greenlawn Cemetery or Woods Cemetery when the church parking lot was created?

A.  In the mid-1950s the remains of Jacob Bowers, a revolutionary soldier who served seven years under George Washington, and other family members were removed from the Lutheran Cemetery and interred at Woods Cemetery.  Other cemetery stones were removed, the graves left undisturbed, and a common marker was placed in the northeast corner of the former cemetery.  Since 2002, the New Life Episcopal Church owns the building and land.

Q.  Where is the Quaker Cemetery located?

A.  What is currently known as the Woods Cemetery was formerly called the Quaker Cemetery.  It is located in Uniontown, on the south side of Route 619 (Edison Street), approximately .25 miles east of the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Route 619.

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