The Schoolhouse and Museum are open.  The open house days are alternate Sundays 2 to 5 pm.


Historically, in order to meet the Historical Society's mission, events such as Open Houses at the one-room schoolhouse and museum, Fireside Chats, community events and fundraising activities were held.

After much planning and work the schoolhouse and the museum have reopened while complying with current local pandemic requirements.  You can find the dates and times on the LTHS Google calendar.

Recently, the local newspaper, The Hartville News, was sold.  The new owners are publishing in a different location and the photographs and past newspaper editions were donated to LTHS.  This has impacted the limited LTHS storage space and volunteers are needed to organize and possibly digitize the items.  If you have experience or want to help, use the contact form.

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4/23/2022 By Dennis Benson, Board Member