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84)  What did you do for recreation?
85)  Did you or your brothers or sisters have any hobbies?  If so, what?
86)  Who were your playmates?
87)  Who was your best friend?
88)  What did you and your friends do when you got together?
89)  Did you and your playmates play any organized games?  Football?
       Baseball?  Hockey?  Kick the can?  Describe.
90)  Did you ever learn to swim?  Where?
91)  Did you ever attend a taffy pull?  Pop corn?
92)  Did you participate in 4-H or scouting organizations?


093)  Where did you go to school?
094)  Did you ever attend a one-room schoolhouse?  Describe.
095)  How did you get to school?  If you walked, how far?
096)  What do you remember about these walks?  Did you walk alone or 
         with friends?  Did you encounter animals that you befriended or that
         frightened you?
097)  Were these walks a hardship in winter?  In summer or hot weather?
098)  How large was your school in the elementary grades, first through fourth?
         Fifth through eighth?  Eighth through twelfth?
099)  What recreation was provided or allowed during periods of rest or recess?
100)  Were you helped by older students or did you help others with their
101)  What kinds of grades did you get?  What were your favorite subjects?
         Who were your favorite teachers?


102)  Describe the size of the town where you lived or shopped.
103)  Where did your parents shop?  How often?
104)  How large or how small were the stores?
105)  If you lived in a small town or on the farm, did you ever go to the city 
         to shop?  Describe.
106)  What was the largest town you remember visiting when you were young?
         What was the occasion?  Where did you go and with whom?
107)  Did you ever travel on a train while you were young?  What was the
         occasion?  Where did you go and with whom?
108)  Were you ever away from home as a child?
109)  Did you or your family own a horse?  A buggy?  Were you able or 
         allowed to ride?
110)  When did your family acquire its first car?  What make?  How much 
         did it  cost?
111)  When did you learn to drive a car?  Who taught you?
112)  Where did your family go on vacations?


113)  Whom did you most admire when you were young?  Within the family?
         In public life?  Why?
114)  Did you choose someone to pattern your life after?  Who and why?
115)  When you were small, what did you hope to do when you grew up?


116)  What education did you get past high school?  Did you study in your 
         adult years?
117)  When did you finally settle into your career?
118)  Did your family support, oppose, or encourage you?
119)  While you were in college or in training, did you live away from home?
         For how long?
120)  Who influenced you most and helped you to develop your skills?
121)  How many different employers have you worked for?  What promotions
         have you received?
122)  Would you choose the same career if you had it to do over?


123)  When and where did you meet your husband or wife?
124)  How and when did you get engaged?  Married?
125)  Where did you marry and who was present?
126)  Did you go on a honeymoon?
127)  Where was your first home?
128)  What is your spouse's occupation?
129)  How many moves have you made during your married life?  Where 
         and why?
130)  Where and when were your children born?
131)  What can you remember of their baby days and childhood?
132)  Did you or your spouse go into military service?
133)  If your husband went into service, what did you do while he was away?
         Where did you live?
134)  What memories do you have of war years?
135)  How has your health been through the years?
136)  Did you have animals or pets or recreational equipment?
137)  Who have been your closest friends through the years?
138)  To what organizations have you belonged?
139)  Have you been politically active during your lifetime?
140)  Which politcal party or parties did you belong to, and why?
141)  Which presidents have you voted for, and why?

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