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142)  Do you have a philosophy of life to share with your descendants?
143)  Do you have a favorite philosopher, teacher, or writer who best expresses
         your philosophy?
144)  Do you have religious leanings or strong religious beliefs?
145)  What are your lifetime biblical passages?
146)  What do you have to say about all the changes that have taken place 
         within your lifetime?
         a)  The proliferation of consumer goods?  Freezers?  Dishwashers?
              Dryers?  Electric stoves?  TV sets?  Radios?  Cars?  Power tools?
         b)  The changes in men's and women's fashions?
         c)  The revolution in transportation and communication?
         d)  The struggle for the political and civil equality of minorities and women?
         e)  The technological breakthroughs in industry, medicine, and space
147)  In your opinion, which have been the greatest advances or inventions of all?
148)  What things have given you the most pleasure or satisfaction?  Your family,
         home, career, possessions, hobbies?  Man's increased mobility and
         knowledge concerning himself, the world, and the universe?  The hope for
         improved race relations and for world peace?
149)  Is there anything that has caused you perpetual concern?  What events or
         trends have disturbed you the most in your lifetime?
150)  What things do you fear most in regard to the future generations?  Where
         are the greatest inherent dangers?
151)  How do you encourage or counsel future generations on the following:
         a)  Marriage and the home?
         b)  Obligation to country and society?
         c)  Traits such as honesty, humility, perseverance, diligence, thrift, loyalty,
              reverence, kindness, faith? 
         d)  Care of body, mind, and health?
152)  What has been your experience in regard to the following:
         a)  Answers to prayers?
         b)  Necessity and power of love?
         c)  Will power as opposed to being ruled by one's feelings?
         d)  ESP
         e)  Inner peace and tranquility?
153)  What do you consider to have been your most important achievements?


1)  Your birth date, place, parents, surrounding circumstances and conditions.
2)  Your brothers' and sisters' names, dates of birth, dates and places of 
     marriage, spouses' names and children.
3)  Your marriage:  to whom, when, and where.
4)  Family moves:  when, where, and why?
5)  Your career: training for your job, promotions, employers you worked for,
     salaries, associates, achievements.

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